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    The professionalism of our team is the product of a combination of experience, limitless imagination and understanding of the needs of every customer.

  • We’re Overcommitted to making great APPS we love

    Our mission is to create great, exciting mobile applications with not only the highest quality, but also the ability to be quickly adapted in the ever-changing mobile environment.

  • We have great skills to grow your bussiness with SEO

    We provide clear, effective and affordable SEO solutions that are manually constructed and individually tailored to your specific goals, needs, ambitions and sector.


    XZAID offers web design, web development, corporate identity, mobiles apps, SEO / SEM and social media services.

About Us

We are a bunch of zany individual who look at business with our fourth eye and have a seventh sense of things. We don’t believe in no-win scenarios. Heck even “Impossible” says “I’m possible” who are we to complain. We are going to help you take your business where It belongs, to the very top. So, buckle up!

We have an distinctive range of marketing strategies, our team is dedicated, talented and like to get the work done without any problems. We use a range of software’s and marketing techniques. We work together and update ourselves to form a marketing strategy which best suits your business.


Mobile App Development

Web Designing

Graphic Designing

Web Development

E-Commerce Website Development

Hosting Services

Domain Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Social Media Promotions

Pay Per Click Advertising

Google Apps

Online Marketing

Web Applications

Website Fixes / Website Updates



Creative Designs

We don't believe in JUST A WEBSITE concept. Before any of the web design work we undertake, we clearly understand the design objective and make.

Latest Technology

Fast-paced expansion of technology keeps us constantly selecting something new and better to incorporate and advance our work.


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